Glass Treatment Warranty

EasyClean10 Glass Treatment is Backed by the Power of 10!


EasyClean10 makes cleaning easier and faster by creating a true water & oil repellent surface. EnduroShield (manufacturer of EasyClean10 for Agalite) warrants that EasyClean10 will remain water repellent (bead angle of greater than 70 degrees) for a period of 10 years from the date of the receipt provided by your dealer.  Actual Warranty certificate is available after registration of unit.


EasyClean10 must have been applied by a factory-trained technician (or representative) and maintained as per the care instructions to validate the warranty. Any warranty claim requires the end consumer to have registered the warranty within a reasonable time after installation, be in possession of the original label, and possess the original invoice stating EasyClean10 application, and date of installation.


If, within the warranty period and meeting the above conditions, you feel your glass is no longer water repellant, please send an email to or call 1-805-617-4609 and provide a brief explanation of the problem along with your Name, Address, Date of Installation, Telephone Number, and Warranty Code.

Enduroshield reserves the right to inspect the glass to determine application of the coating and correct maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If it is determined that a treated area is no longer water repellant, EnduroShield will gladly provide replacement EasyClean10 in an amount determined to be adequate to re-coat the unprotected area.

Note: This warranty does not cover any glass or hardware, but only the EasyClean10 coating.

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